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Right-Brained Individual with Love for THE Master Artist


 Right-Brained Individual with Love for THE Master Artist!  Written deep within my genetic code is an overwhelming love of art in all its forms and an awe for those masterful in their craft.  As I meditate on the creative works around us, I find there is art in absolutely EVERYTHING ... whether we are architects, manual laborers, builders, demolishers, scientists, anything from the left to the right brain hemispheres, there is an art to it.  I am thankful for and to ALL the artists who tap their creative kegs and let the juices flow.  My cup runneth over!

I love taking clips of songs and piecing them together in unexpected ways.  It brings me great joy to create audio art and share my funny little pictures.  I am no Michelangelo.  I'm more like a child with a coloring book.  I try to use my crayons in interesting ways.  However, sometimes I color too hard, break my crayons ... chew on them, and slobber on the paper, but I won't share those pictures with you.  My hope is that others will find the same fun and enjoyment that I did in the mix.

I always give credit to the original artists as they are all phenomenal and deserve it.  They are what inspire me to want to play along with them ... the only way I know how .... in pieces.


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